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Today we finished the excavation of Ash Twin. Here, in this space we carved, we will craft our most ambitious project yet: the Ash Twin Project, powerful enough to send information back in time.
~ Yarrow

Yarrow was a Nomai who had a high ranking position in the Sunless City on Ember Twin.[2] He later worked on Ash Twin as part of the Ash Twin Project. In addition to this, he regularly checked in with other critical project locations. Clary, who worked in the Black Hole Forge, was his romantic partner.[3]

Start of the Ash Twin Project[]

During the experiments to confirm the negative time interval which became the basis of the Ash Twin Project, Yarrow asked Ramie and Pye to let him know before they would re-route power from the Sunless City to the High Energy Lab.[2] When the negative time interval was confirmed, the Nomai discussed whether they should build the Sun Station, which would trigger a supernova to power the Ash Twin Project. Yarrow asked whether there were other ways to generate the level of power needed, but Ramie and Pye explained that this was their only realistic option.[4]

The Ash Twin Project's core which Yarrow worked on

Yarrow worked on excavating Ash Twin along with Coleus and Ramie, where they would build the Ash Twin Project to send information back in time.[5] Once this was complete, he and Ramie built the Ash Twin Project's shell with ore from Timber Hearth which would protect the Ash Twin Project from a supernova.[6] Oeno visited them to help with the final safety check once the shell was finished.[7]

Yarrow was also familiar with the warp towers on Ash Twin.[8] However, he thought that one of the warp towers would not activate, since he believed its warp receiver would never align overhead.[1] Clary ended up explaining that the alignment point of the Hourglass Twins was shared in between them.[9] After the first warp core for the warp towers on Ash Twin was finished, Clary went with Root to deliver the core to Yarrow personally.[10] Yarrow thanked Clary for the delivery, and ended up asking her on a date to White Hole Station.[11] This was the start of their romantic relationship.

Project management[]

Besides his work on Ash Twin, Yarrow kept in close contact with the other project locations and checked in on their progress. He also sometimes had to mediate conflicts between project members. Pye and Idaea worked on the Sun Station, but they had frequent arguments. Yarrow told them that time away from the station would be good for both of them.[12] Poke, who worked in the Black Hole Forge, and Cassava, who worked in the Construction Yard, had frequent disagreements as well. Yarrow had to mediate until the final warp tower core was finished.[13]

Phlox and Daz, who built the memory statues and masks, showed Yarrow how the statues paired with whoever is closest to it.[14] Yarrow was impressed with Phlox's sculpting work, and thought the statues were truly remarkable.[15][16] After the Orbital Probe Cannon was tested by Avens and Mallow, Avens asked for more launch power.[17] While Yarrow believed that Avens was capable of coaxing the maximum power from a device, he realized that Avens could cause a device to explode too.[17][18] Yarrow thought that perhaps he should check in with the Orbital Probe Cannon crew and remind Avens that Mallow, Avens' spouse, would be aboard the cannon.[19][18] Once the Ash Twin Project was almost ready to receive probe data from the Orbital Probe Cannon, Yarrow asked Privet how she and the cannon were doing.[20] Privet explained that the Probe Tracking Module was ready to record each probe's flight trajectory and that it would automatically transmit all relevant data to Yarrow.[21]

Sun Station failure[]

After the Sun Station fired on the sun and failed to trigger a supernova, Yarrow was confused and asked Pye and Idaea what happened.[22] Pye told him that the sun barely responded and that the Sun Station would never be able to cause the sun to explode.[23] Yarrow offered his compassion to both of them, noting that they all knew how hard they worked.[24] Yarrow informed Cassava of the issue with the Sun Station, and told him that the Orbital Probe Cannon would not be asked to fire.[25] Since the Ash Twin Project itself was theoretically sound, Yarrow wondered if perhaps there was another way to power it.[26]

The Interloper[]

When the Interloper entered the solar system, Yarrow and the other Nomai stopped their research into creating a supernova, as they were eager to explore the comet and hoped to learn something new.[27] Yarrow asked Pye to return to Ash Twin as he thought that a change of task might distract her from the failure of the Sun Station.[28] Pye, Poke, and Clary went to investigate the comet. However, once they arrived there, it turned out that the comet contained a casing with lethal matter which was under immense pressure.[29] Poke tried to go back to warn the other Nomai, but before she could, the casing ruptured and the matter blanketed the solar system. This instantly killed Yarrow and all other Nomai.

Yarrow's remains are not found inside the Ash Twin Project, but may be outside the Ash Twin warp tower to get there.


  • The common yarrow is a flowering plant of the daisy family, found in many Temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere.



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