White Hole Station

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White Hole Station
White Hole Station.png
Type Space station
Gravity 0
Inhabitants None
Location Near the white hole linked to Brittle Hollow's black hole

White Hole Station is a space station positioned near the White Hole that is paired with Brittle Hollow's Black Hole. It is a warp station designed to transport people who have fallen into the black hole back to the surface of Brittle Hollow.

The station itself is comprised of two levels - the warp portal, and the control room that activates and guides the rotation of the station. As the station rotates, when the warp tower is aligned with Brittle Hollow, the player is instantly teleported to the warp receiver on the planet's Northern Glacier, and adjacent to the exit of the Black Hole Forge. Unfortunately, the surface entrance to the Forge is broken.

It is partially encased in ice, due to it being suspended in space, unused for millennia.

The station serves as an introduction to Nomai warp mechanics, and a quick way back to Brittle Hollow should one stumble into the planet's black hole by mistake. The station acted as the Nomai's first foray into black hole warp technology, and provided the basis of the network of warp towers on Ash Twin.

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