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The Tower of Quantum Trials is a stationary Island on Giant's Deep housing one of the three Quantum Shards, and acting as a key step on the Nomai's Quantum Pilgrimage.



The island sits at the North Pole of Giant's Deep, hidden from normal view within a large, permanent, stationary cyclone. The cyclone winds are impassable, and the island may only be entered from above the cloud layer, or below from the ocean depths. The Tower itself contains the Island Shard, from which the Quantum Fluctuations frequency emits and can be detected on the Signalscope.

The Tower contains trials crucial for embarking on a pilgrimage to the Quantum Moon, and teaches an important quirk in quantum behaviour crucial in reaching it. The Tower is entered from the top floor, and each trial that is passed allows passage to the next floor down, with empty floors containing the Island Shard being found in between.

The trials themselves are increasingly difficult puzzles that introduce and teach the lesson of "Quantum Imaging": the rule that observing an image of an object is equivalent to observing the object itself. The puzzles revolve around this rule, requiring one to use the Scout Launcher to "lock" quantum objects in place by taking and observing photos of them.

The final room contains congratulations, and a reminder that the other Quantum Shards have their own lessons to teach.

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