The Village

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The Village
Ow-village orig.png
Type Settlement
Gravity 1.0g
Inhabitants Hearthians
Location Timber Hearth

The Village is the only Hearthian settlement in the Solar System and where the player begins their journey. It also serves as a tutorial area to acquaint the player with various gameplay elements.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Village resides within a large crater on Timber Hearth. It was built in an area with heavy geyser activity. As a result, the Village experiences constant geyser eruptions as water from submerged caverns is forced upwards by thermal vents.

Features[edit | edit source]

Campfire[edit | edit source]

The campfire is where the player starts their journey and where they wake up at the beginning of every loop. There is an opportunity to roast marshmallows and have a discussion with Slate here at the beginning of every loop.

Launch Tower[edit | edit source]

The launch tower is where the player’s ship can be found at the beginning of every loop. Initially, the launch codes to operate the elevator must be acquired from Hornfels at the observatory before the player can reach their ship. Upon every successive loop, the player is able to use the lift immediately as they retain the launch codes from the previous loop.

Ghost Matter Field[edit | edit source]

The ghost matter field presents an opportunity to learn about the properties of ghost matter. Namely that it is an incredibly lethal gaseous substance found throughout the Solar System that will quickly kill any individual who wanders into it, regardless if they are wearing a space suit. It also explains that while ghost matter is invisible to the naked eye, it is clearly visible through the probe camera.

Remote Control Model Ship[edit | edit source]

The remote control model ship is a remote controlled scaled replica of the spaceship and presents an opportunity to become familiar with the controls of the ship prior to liftoff. It controls the exact same way as the larger version, however poses no risk to the pilot should they crash it.

Observatory[edit | edit source]

The Observatory is the highest point in The Village and presents an opportunity to learn about the Solar System. It contains various Nomai relics and writings as well as samples gathered from other planets in the Solar System.

Zero-G Cave[edit | edit source]

The Zero-G Cave presents an opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of navigation in zero gravity environments. It teaches the player how to lock on to objects, movement and orientation in zero gravity and also how to repair various pieces of equipment.

Postcards From Orbit[edit | edit source]

Postcards From Orbit is an exhibit displayed by Outer Wilds Ventures and presents an opportunity to view the various pieces of technology being utilized by the astronauts of Outer Wilds Ventures. It also lets the player assume control of an orbiting satellite's camera to take photographs of the planet from orbit.

Citizens[edit | edit source]

The entire Hearthian population, except for some astronauts of Outer Wilds Ventures, can be found within the Village. The citizens of the Village offer both congratulations and warnings for The Protagonist prior to their first launch into space.