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Brittle Hollow

Thatch was a Nomai originally from the Vessel who landed on Brittle Hollow with Escape Pod 1.[1] Before the Vessel crashed, they used to be the festival envoy for Escall's clan.[2] Thatch's aunt was Melorae who landed in a different escape pod.[3]

After landing on Brittle Hollow, Thatch urged the other Nomai to seek shelter from Hollow's Lantern.[4] When the temporary settlement was established, Thatch recorded all their knowledge of the Eye of the Universe and stressed that the Eye must be found.[5] They also wondered whether the reason that the Vessel crashed in Dark Bramble was a problem with their destination.[6] Initially, Thatch believed that the escape pod survivors should stay close to their pod so they could be rescued.[7] When Plume proposed moving to the northern glacier to build a permanent settlement in order to continue their search for the Eye of the Universe, Thatch changed their mind and supported that idea instead.[8]

Observing the quantum phenomena on Brittle Hollow, Thatch came to the conclusion that the Quantum Moon and the Tower Shard must be related to each other.[9] They became involved in the Eye signal locator on the Attlerock, where they proposed that it is possible that the Eye stopped calling out its signal.[10] After the failure of this locator, Thatch discussed building a new, more sophisticated locator since they were not prepared to give up the search for the Eye that easily.[11]

It is unknown what happened to Thatch after the building of the Southern Observatory, but they ended up not being part of the Ash Twin Project.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A thatch roof is one made from dry vegetation.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. THATCH: Is everyone unharmed? PLUME: No one was badly injured from the escape pod’s impact. We’re incredibly fortunate.
  2. LAMI: Each clan has a festival envoy to show their most interesting work. (Our envoy was Thatch!)
  3. THATCH: Is the hardest part of this tragedy not knowing who we may have lost? Or will the hardest part come later, when we learn? (Be well, Aunt Melorae...)
  4. THATCH: We need to find shelter, and quickly. The volcanic moon won’t be gone for long.
  5. THATCH: This knowledge is too dear to lose: Here is everything we can recall about the signal we encountered while aboard the Vessel. THATCH: Imagine what rare and profound knowledge it might offer. We must find this Eye of the universe.
  6. THATCH: I can’t understand. Why did the Vessel crash in that place? THATCH: Suppose it wasn’t a problem with the Vessel, but with our destination.
  7. THATCH: We need to stay close to the escape pod so Filix can monitor incoming messages. We can’t be rescued if we aren’t present to respond.
  8. FILIX: I don’t believe anyone is coming to save us, Thatch. Now we must save ourselves. PLUME: I agree. We’re here because the Eye’s signal called to us and we followed. If we’re to find it, we need to not merely survive, but thrive. THATCH: This is a wise point, Plume, and eloquently made. If moving to the northern glacier will keep us safer, then that is what we should do.
  9. THATCH: Plume, Filix, and I have determined this atypical shard of rock is the reason objects in this grove are behaving in a quantum manner. THATCH: The only other object we’ve observed displaying this quantum behavior is the wandering moon. I imagine the moon’s behavior and this grove’s are related.
  10. COLEUS: However, something strange is happening when I ask the Eye signal locator to follow the Eye’s signal: The device’s indicator rotates wildly and never points to just one direction. THATCH: This is a curious result. It’s possible the Eye has stopped calling out its signal.
  11. CASSAVA: It saddens me to posit this, my friends, but I believe we need to build a more sophisticated device if we want to find the exact location of the Eye of the universe. THATCH: Then we will build it. Don’t lose hope, Cassava; our search for the Eye is what brought our clan to this place. We won’t give up so easily! THATCH: Where should this new, more sophisticated locator be built? It may need to be larger than this Eye signal locator is.