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The Sun Station is an ancient Nomai station in an extremely close and rapid orbit around the Sun.


The Sun Station is a satellite composed of two huge modules connected by a destroyed passageway. The station contains many gravity tiles so that its users can walk instead of free falling. Sun Station contains two inactive Nomai Statues and the corpse of Idaea. After not receiving a command for over ten minutes due to the death of the Nomai, the Sun Station went into sleep mode and has been offline for 281,042 years.


Sun Station warp tower on Ash Twin

The primary method to access the Sun Station is revealed within the Sunless City on Ember Twin.[1] The Sun Station warp tower located on Ash Twin can be used to warp to the Sun Station. The second and much more dangerous method is manually landing the ship on the Sun Station, a challenging feat given the Sun’s immense gravity and the Sun Station’s rapid orbit.

The Sun Station is destroyed 10,5 minutes into the loop, as is it engulfed by the Sun when it grows to become a red giant.


The Ash Twin Project[]

After the Nomai discovered the possibility to send objects and information back in time through warp cores, they quickly found out it required exponentially more energy the farther back in time they wanted to send it.[2] The only power source capable of producing enough power to send information 22 minutes into the past was the energy produced by a supernova.[3] After the conception of the Ash Twin Project which would send probe launch orders back in time to find the Eye of the Universe, the Sun Station was thus designed to induce a supernova.[4]

Sun Station's firing mechanism

The Nomai's plan was to fire the Sun Station and cause the sun to go supernova.[5] The Ash Twin Project would then use the energy produced by this supernova to send the probe launch order and the probe data back in time by 22 minutes. This would make the Orbital Probe Cannon shoot a probe in a random direction.[6] 22 minutes after this, the Sun Station would again trigger a supernova to power the Ash Twin Project and start the loop from the beginning.[7] Once the Eye of the Universe would be found, the Nomai would receive its coordinates 22 minutes before firing the Sun Station and would consequently cancel the destruction of the Sun.[8][9]


Nomai mural depicting a Nomai holding scales with on one side the Sun and on the other side the Eye of the Universe

The construction of the Sun Station was the only thing the Nomai did that caused division and debate among them. The debate on the ethics of the use of a device able to destroy the solar system can be seen behind the energy controls of the Sunless City and inside the Sun Station. Idaea firmly opposed building the Sun Station, while Pye saw no other way to generate enough energy.[10][11][12] Idaea and Pye ended up building the Sun Station together, but their arguments continued on the station itself, with Pye making jokes about the Sun and Idaea being appalled at her lack of ethics.[13][14]


After firing it, it turned out that the Sun Station was unable to impact the Sun in any meaningful way and would never be able to trigger a supernova.[15] This left the Ash Twin Project without a power source.[16] Before the Nomai could think of another way to power the project, they were all instantly killed by the Ghost Matter erupting from the Interloper.[17] Over two hundred thousand years later, having reached the end of its lifespan, the Sun goes supernova naturally and not from any interference from the Sun Station.[18] This finally powered the Ash Twin Project and started the Nomai's time loop.

Texts and recordings[]

Notes & Trivia[]

  • The achievement Hotshot is rewarded for successfully landing the ship on the sun station.
  • The Sun Station was first added in the Alpha Demo, containing a secret message


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