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Statue Island is an island on Giant's Deep housing the Nomai construction project of the Nomai Statues.



Statue island consists of two landmasses connected by a natural stone arch. The smaller landmass contains a gravity landing pad, as well as a warp receiver connected to the warp tower on Ash Twin.

The larger of the landmasses contains a ruined settlement, accessible from the smaller by the arch or by a gravity crystal path. Cyclone shelters dot the island for when it is blown into the atmosphere when a cyclone passes over it.

Statue Workshop[]

Underneath the larger landmass, below the settlement, is the Statue Workshop, where the Nomai Daz and Phlox created the Nomai Memory Statues. The Workshop has a single entrance found at the bottom of the gravity crystal path, which is broken from the outside. The settlement above has a holed floor, through which a Scout can be fired to view into the Workshop.

The larger landmass is in the form of a dome, with the Workshop being built around the underside of the dome in a ring, the open ocean of Giant's Deep in its centre. The Workshop may thus be entered by swimming or flying under the island itself through this opening.

Within are multiple statue heads being worked on and Nomai writings detailing the statue's ability to pair, record, and send memories of a single being to corresponding Nomai masks from anywhere in the solar system as part of the Ash Twin Project. There is a platform within the Workshop which is too high to be reached via jetpack under the gravity of Giant's Deep, but can be briefly flown to when the island is flung into space by a cyclone.

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Notes & Trivia[]

  • Outside the sealed Workshop door, the Nomai Memory Statue that paired with Gabbro can be found, as indicated by its open eyes.
  • Somewhat rarely, the Statue Island may be dragged under the surface of the water instead of thrown into space. In this state, it's nearly impossible to navigate.