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Ramie was a Nomai who worked at the High Energy Lab and helped build the Ash Twin Project's core.

Ramie grew up in the Sunless City on Ember Twin.[1] At some point, she started working at the High Energy Lab. After the recreation of warp travel, it was discovered that Nomai who warped from White Hole Station to Brittle Hollow arrived at their destination before they even departed.[2] Ramie and Pye started running an experiment at the High Energy Lab to confirm these findings.[3] Pye believed that the anomaly in arrival and departure times could be an equipment error, but Ramie thought they could possibly strengthen the effect to make it visible to the naked eye.[4]

The negative time interval confirmed by Ramie and Pye

They ended up confirming that before something enters a black hole, it already exits a white hole.[5] Ramie and Pye discovered that the time between departure and arrival could be increased by adding more energy to the warp core. However, the energy that was required increased at an exponential rate.[6] They believed that it would be necessary to invent a new method of producing energy to increase the interval to 22 minutes, and an advanced warp core to handle such energy.[7] This negative time interval became the basis for the Ash Twin Project.

Nomai from the Hanging City came over to the High Energy lab to observe Ramie and Pye's findings and to plan the design of the Ash Twin Project.[8] Ramie, Yarrow and Coleus helped excavate Ash Twin to house the Ash Twin Project.[9] Ramie worked with Yarrow inside the Ash Twin Project where they prepared it to receive probe data from the Orbital Probe Cannon.[10] She installed Daz's memory storage masks inside the project and was comforted to know that the statues would only pair with somebody when the project succeeded.[11] Once the shell that sealed off the central chamber of the project was finished, Ramie and Yarrow checked the interior and exterior for cracks as a final safety check.[12]

Ramie was in favor of building the Sun Station to induce a supernova that would power the Ash Twin Project.[13] When it turned out that the Sun Station could not trigger this supernova, Ramie never gave up hope that they could find a way to create a supernova.[14] However, before they could attempt this, all Nomai in the solar system including Ramie were instantaneously killed by the Ghost Matter that erupted from the Interloper.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ramie is a flowering plant native to Eastern parts of Asia. Despite being part of the nettle family, it does not sting.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. RAMIE: I remember that anglerfish fossil! We used to play in Fossil Fish Cave when we were children.
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  3. RAMIE: Note: This door will need to remain closed for some time! Pye and I are running an experiment based on the extraordinary findings from the White Hole Station.
  4. RAMIE: An update: Our experiment here reproduced the anomaly in arrival and departure times, but Pye is unconvinced it’s more than an equipment error. I hope to strengthen the effect to render it visible to the unaided eyes.
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  10. YARROW: I have exciting news, Privet: The Ash Twin Project is almost prepared to receive the probe data from the Orbital Probe Cannon. YARROW: Ramie is adding some finishing touches here, but she’ll be finished soon. Are you and the Orbital Probe Cannon well?
  11. RAMIE: I’ve installed the masks inside the Ash Twin Project, Phlox. They look beautiful (although I do feel as though I’m being observed!). RAMIE: It’s comforting to know the statues will not pair until the project succeeds. Otherwise, I imagine the experience would be hard to endure!
  12. YARROW: Once we’ve finished the shell that seals off the central chamber, we’ll check to ensure there are no longer any physical entrances. Ramie and I will be checking the interior and then the exterior for cracks (our final safety check).
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