Quantum Shrine

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Quantum Shrine
Type Structure
Gravity Unknown
Inhabitants Unknown
Location Quantum Moon

The Quantum Shrine is a structure on the Quantum Moon that moves between positions on the Quantum Moon when not being observed. Hourglass Twins, Timber Hearth, Brittle Hollow, Giant's Deep, the outside of Dark Bramble and the Sixth Location alluded to by in-game text.

Features[edit | edit source]

A door open into the Shrine that can be resealed for use. A switch is found on the inside that turns on a light and reveals translatable Nomai text. A quantum moon locator can be found on the wall showing where the moon is located.

Use[edit | edit source]

The Quantum Shrine is used to go to the 6 different positions, especially the Sixth Location. You can do so by closing the door and turning off all lights in the shrine and turning them back on. As seen from the locator, the moon has moved to a different location. There you can make your way to the north pole as The Tower of Quantum Knowledge states. This process involves leaving the shrine, and going through multiple shrines at different positions. Once at the Sixth Location, there will be a pathway all the way to the south pole to Solanum and a vortex that will bring you to the Timber Hearth variant.

Gallery[edit | edit source]