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Five Quantum Shards can be found by Signalscope across four planets and are said to originate from the Quantum Moon.



Having the appearance of volcanic glass, these irregular shards vary in size and shape, from being held on stands to being large enough to walk on or have small structures on. Each shard will register on the Signalscope and each has 3-4 location they can be found at once line of sight to them has been broken. Signal from The Quantum Moon will sound the same. They all appear to be standing upright, piercing into the ground.


Museum Shard[]

The Museum Shard is found in the Observatory on Timber Hearth and primarily serves to demonstrate line of sight keeping a shard in place, once broken the shard will move to another location not in view or "exists in all location simultaneously".

Grove Shard[]

The Grove Shard is found in a crater on Timber Hearth. Its primary purpose is to demonstrate the scale of the shards and draw ties to the Quantum Moon.

Island Shard[]

The Island Shard is kept in the Tower of Quantum Trials on Giant's Deep. Upon entering the tower the shard can be seen up to three times. The shard is part of the Quantum Imaging lesson.

Cave Shard[]

The Cave Shard is located on Ember Twin and an access point to it is mentioned at the norther lake bed of the planet. Once standing on the shard with lights off and no photos, the player will be "quantumly entangled" with the shard and when light is turned back on the location will likely be the cave with no entrances. Traveling on the shard again will bring the player to the other locations. This is the lesson of Quantum Entanglement.

Tower Shard[]

The Tower Shard is found on the surface of Brittle Hollow next to the Tower of Quantum Knowledge. The writing on the wall on the shard details Nomai curiosity of the shards connection with the Quantum Moon. The shard is tied to the lesson of The Sixth Location.


Notes & Trivia[]

  • Most physical objects that obscure the shards from view don't cause the shards to change locations
  • They are known to make objects around the shard quantum, including objects touching/on it