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Mission: Science compels us to explode the sun!
~ Pye

Pye was a Nomai from Ember Twin who worked at the High Energy Lab and the Sun Station as part of the Ash Twin Project. She was Laevi and Lami's aunt.

High Energy Lab[]

Pye lived in the Sunless City, where she studied the Anglerfish fossil at some point. While they were playing the anglerfish game, she told Laevi and Lami that real anglerfish are blind.[2]

The negative time interval confirmed by Ramie and Pye

After Poke found out about the negative time interval that occurred when Nomai were warping from White Hole Station to Brittle Hollow, she sent the records to Pye and Ramie for review.[3] Pye confirmed that Nomai were arriving slightly before departing from White Hole Station, but thought that the measurements could not be accurate.[4] She and Ramie went to the High Energy Lab, where they designed an experiment to confirm the negative time interval.[5][6] Their experiment reproduced the anomaly in arrival and departure times, but Pye thought it might still be an equipment error.[7] They strengthened the effect by rerouting energy from the Sunless City, after which they did end up confirming the existence of a negative time interval.[7]

When plans were made to launch a probe to find the Eye of the Universe, the Southern Observatory asked Pye and Ramie if it was possible to have something arrive 22 minutes before it departs.[8] Pye believed this could be done, but since the energy required for this increases at an exponential rate, they needed a new method of producing energy, as well as advanced warp technology.[9] Pye also explained that they needed an enormous space to fit the new energy and warp technologies together, with Ash Twin being the only suitable candidate.[10]

Nomai from the Hanging City on Ember Twin went to the High Energy Lab to plan the Ash Twin Project.[11] Pye pointed out that they needed a way to travel quickly between Ash Twin and the locations which held crucial project materials.[12] This led to the creation of warp towers that connected Ash Twin to each critical location.[13]

Sun Station[]

While Idaea opposed building the Sun Station to power the Ash Twin Project, Pye agreed with this plan.[14] She believed there was no practical way they could generate that level of power in their lifetimes.[15] Pye and Idaea worked together to build the Sun Station, which would prompt the Sun to go supernova.[16] This would supply the power that the Ash Twin Project required to send information into the past.[16]

Pye had a good relationship with Ramie, who joked around with her.[17] She was friendly with Poke too, who believed that Pye would make the Sun Station work.[18] However, while working on the plans for the Sun Station with Idaea, they often had disagreements. Pye made jokes about the sun exploding, which Idaea did not appreciate.[19] On the Sun Station itself, Pye wrote down that their mission was "science [compelling them] to explode the sun", which Idaea thought was morbid and lacking in ethics.[20] Pye accused Idaea of not having a sense of humor and thought that this mission statement was accurate.[21][22] Yarrow suggested that time away from the station would be good for both Pye and Idaea, which they agreed with.[23]

After the Advanced Warp Core was finished, Pye was beside herself with joy.[1] However, her mood quickly changed when it turned out that the Sun Station would never be able to cause the sun to explode, causing only small surface-level changes after firing.[24] Pye supposed they should start over, but she was unsure how to start over.[25] She thought that their only viable option to generate enough power was still to find a way to create a supernova.[26] Yarrow told Pye that she should return to Ash Twin first, as Spire had seen the Interloper approaching the star system which they wanted to investigate.[25]

The Interloper[]

Pye went to the Interloper together with Poke and Clary. Clary stayed behind in the shuttle while Pye and Poke went down into a fissure to investigate the source of strange energy readings.[27] Near the Interloper's core, they discovered the stone casing which was the source of the energy readings. Inside the stone was lethal matter that would be fatal upon contact.[28] The matter was under tonnes of pressure.[29] Pye sent Poke to warn the other Nomai of the danger, while she stayed behind in an attempt to learn more about the alien matter.[30]

Unfortunately, shortly after this, the stone casing ruptured, blanketing the solar system in Ghost Matter and instantly killing Pye and the other Nomai. Pye's corpse can be found near the ruptured core of the Interloper, close to the last recording that she made.


  • Pye is likely named after the sweet Joe-Pye weed, a plant from the daisy family which is native to Eastern parts of North America.


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