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Phlox corpse.png
Giant's Deep
Statue Workshop

Phlox was a Nomai scientist and craftsman who created the Nomai Memory Statues which were crucial to the Ash Twin Project. Born on Brittle Hollow, Phlox's father was Plume, who told him that many Nomai died when the Vessel crashed on Dark Bramble.[1] Phlox was involved in the design of the Ash Twin Towers on Ash Twin.[2]

After the start of the Ash Twin Project, Phlox moved to Giant's Deep where he set up a Statue Workshop together with Daz. Here he sculpted the memory statues which were necessary to pair Nomai with a memory mask to send information back in time.[3] Daz helped Phlox with the statues but mainly worked on the memory storage masks.[4][5] Phlox explained to Ramie that the memory statues only activate when the Ash Twin Project succeeds, or in the event of equipment failure.[6] He wondered whether sending memories back in time is the same as sending a person back in time.[7]

Phlox's remains can be found in the Statue Workshop on Giant's Deep.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Phlox, meaning fire, is a genus of perennial and annual plants, the flowers of which come in a verity of colors.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. PHLOX: This would require a return to Dark Bramble. Plume (my father) said many good Nomai perished there.
  2. PHLOX: We can design each tower to visually reflect its warp destination! PHLOX: The Giant’s Deep tower, for instance, could resemble a cyclone. And we could model the Timber Hearth tower after a geyser mountain!
  3. YARROW: Poke just sent the warp core for the final tower to us from the Black Hole Forge. Now Ash Twin can be connected with Giant’s Deep, where Cassava is working with Avens to craft the Orbital Probe Cannon, and where Phlox is sculpting the memory statues.
  4. YARROW: Phlox and Daz finished the memory statues today, and they are truly remarkable.
  5. DAZ: He has outdone himself again, hasn’t he? And now that we have our first successful pairing, we can test my memory storage prototype.
  6. PHLOX: Ideally, they’ll only need to activate once the project succeeds; as a safety measure, however, the statues will also activate in the event of equipment failure. RAMIE: They will? Why is that? PHLOX: If anything goes wrong with the Ash Twin Project, the statues (and their masks) will make us aware of the situation and enable us to fix it. Otherwise, it would be possible for us to remain permanently unaware of the problem.
  7. PHLOX: I’m curious: Is sending a being’s memories back in time the same as sending the being itself back in time? PHLOX: As an example, if we were to send my memories back in time, is that the same as sending “me” back in time (not my physical body, but my essence)?