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Oeno was a Nomai from Brittle Hollow who took part in the extraction and shipping of ore from Timber Hearth to Ash Twin for the construction of the Ash Twin Project's shell. They were assisted by Coleus and his apprentice, Cycad.

Oeno participated in the discussion on how the Nomai should craft a new advanced warp core for the Ash Twin Project. Oeno believed that the greatest challenge was not having the design for such a core, or any of the original crafters of the Vessel's core.[1] After Poke started crafting the advanced warp core in the Black Hole Forge, Oeno, Coleus, and Cycad moved to Timber Hearth to mine ore for the Ash Twin Project. This ore would be used to craft a thick protective shell which would seal off the chamber inside Ash Twin's core.[2] Oeno and the other Nomai quickly discovered that they could not mine ore from mining site 2a due to the native life that lived in pools nearby.[3] Work was moved to mining site 2b as it would be safe for the native species.[4]

Different types of ore were sent to Root on Hollow's Lantern to test which one would survive the longest in direct heat.[5] One was found which would be used to craft a supernova-proof encasing for the Ash Twin Project.[6] Oeno was amazed by how much ore was eventually required for the shell.[7] Once all ore was delivered to Yarrow on Ash Twin, Oeno offered to make a final check of the shell to make sure there was no flaw or opening.[8]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Oeno is most likely named after the Oenothera genus of herbaceous flowering plants.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Solution 2: We could craft a new advanced warp core inspired by the Vessel’s warp core. OENO: The greatest challenge here, I think, is we don’t have the design for such a powerful core, or any of the original crafters of the Vessel’s core.
  2. OENO: No, the material for those towers is all being taken from Ash Twin. The ore we’re mining here will be used to craft an immensely thick protective shell that will physically seal off the chamber inside Ash Twin’s core.
  3. COLEUS: After closer observation, mining site 2a wouldn’t be safe for the native life dwelling in some of this cave’s pools, so (unfortunately) we’ll have to mine one of the other sites.
  4. CYCAD: There are a few other cave sites that look promising. What about site 2b (it shares similar formations and strata)? OENO: This sounds promising! Will you and your mentor investigate? If mining site 2b proves safe for this native species, we’ll move our work there.
  5. ROOT: Friends in the Timber Hearth Mines, the last type of ore you sent us survives the longest in direct heat.
  6. ROOT: Can you send us more of the same for additional testing? We’re attempting to improve its durability, and our forge has already burned through everything you sent! OENO: We’ll deliver more ore to Hollow’s Lantern immediately. You must be fired up about crafting the Ash Twin Project’s protective shell! ROOT: Yes, the idea of an encasement that’s supernova-proof, however briefly, has kindled my curiosity!
  7. OENO: I’m still amazed by how much ore the Ash Twin Project requires!
  8. YARROW: My gratitude for the latest shipment, Oeno! This ore should be the last we’ll need for the Ash Twin Project. YARROW: Once we’ve finished the shell that seals off the central chamber, we’ll check to ensure there are no longer any physical entrances. Ramie and I will be checking the interior and then the exterior for cracks (our final safety check). OENO: This is exciting news! Can I offer an extra set of eyes for this final check (specifically, mine)? If my work here is complete, I’d be delighted to help. YARROW: We’d be grateful if you would! The more eyes, the better, as the smallest flaw or opening in the shell that protects the Ash Twin Project could lead to disaster.