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Spoiler Warning! This wiki contains spoilers for the game! The Outer Wilds is a game about exploration and we strongly encourage you to explore on your own first.


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The Moon Warden is, as his name suggests, the warden of the moon. He lives in a small wooden house on the side of the Moon facing Timber Hearth and runs a rest stop for space travelers. He seems to have cobbled together a radio that picks up the music broadcasted by the other travelers. The Moon's specific name is Lunar Lookout (Alpha)

The Moon Warden in newer version is now called Esker

If you find yourself on the Moon, try going to the warden's house where your oxygen will be replenished and have a chat with him. He will give you small pieces of advice about things to do, share his thoughts about the celestial body he is the warden of and share a secret of his with you (He will admit that he shoots probes down to the village when he is bored).

The Moon Warden will hint you with there being a 'Spectacular' view from the north-pole also telling the player there is a 'Pointy Red Marker' there. Going there will give you a better view of the planets with the telescope.


Introduction dialog[]

  • “Welcome! It's not often I get visitors up here...you know, it being the moon and all. What can I do you for?”

Question Menu[]

  • >Where's that music coming from?
    • “See that radio I cobbled together over there? I calibrated it to pick up the music being played by the four other travelers out exploring the Solar System.
      If you look at other planets through your telescope, you might be able to hear them too!”
  • >Anything here worth checking out?
    • “Honestly, I think this place is pretty dull. I mean, look at Brittle Hollow's moon, it has VOLCANOES! Now that's a moon.
      I suppose the view from the North Pole IS pretty spectacular though...it's the pointy red marker on your minimap.”
  • >So what is it you do here?
    • “I'm warden of the Lunar Lookout. The other travelers used to stop here for repairs, but I haven't seen them in ages.
      Don't tell anyone, but I spend most of my time launching probes at the village.
      The trick is to hold down the launch button so pressure builds up in the compression chamber. Makes 'em fly way farther!”