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Ember Twin

Melorae is one of the Nomai who came to the Solar System via the Vessel. She was on board Escape Pod 2 together with Rhus, Bur, Annona and Coleus, which landed on Ember Twin. She suggests & finds the location for the Sunless City. After settling down in the Sunless City she was involved in speculations about the Quantum Moon. She and her student Coleus also studied the Anglerfish aswell as the Quantum Moon Shard on Ember Twin.

In the Old Settlement is a mention of Melorae being the Aunt of Thatch.

She is deceased by the time the Nomai were searching for a suitable mining site on Timber Hearth.

There are multiple conversations that can be found with her, including inside the Sunless City and the Quantum Moon Locator.