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Jellyfish are aquatic creatures that are possibly native to the unnamed planet that was fractured to become Dark Bramble.

A Jellyfish on Giant's Deep


Jellyfish are large non-hostile aquatic creatures. Their electrically-charged tentacles pose a serious risk to unprotected individuals and electronic equipment. Touching a Jellyfish’s tentacles will result in all electronic systems temporarily shutting down. Their hollow rubbery exterior provides insulation from powerful electric currents.


Jellyfish are commonly found on Giant's Deep, beneath the powerful upwards current. They repeat a pattern of rising above the electric field for a short time before floating down into it. Frozen jellyfish can also be found on the Dark Bramble island on Giant’s Deep. A lone frozen Jellyfish can also be found on Dark Bramble. It is located on the fractured crust of the planet, however it is hidden within one of the many crevices. After discovering Feldspar deep within Dark Bramble, they will direct the player to a portal that leads to the frozen jellyfish. Notes can be found recording Feldspar's attempt to eat the Jellyfish. However, the rubbery skin makes it very difficult to eat, and Feldspar strongly discourages it. It is theorized that the Jellyfish originated on the planet that Dark Bramble destroyed.


Proper utilization of Jellyfish is required to reach the core of Giant’s Deep. The powerful electric field prevents the player from reaching the core of the planet, however the Jellyfish can freely enter unimpeded as their rubbery exterior is sufficiently insulated as to not be affected by the electricity. As a result, the jellyfish, and anything carried inside, are protected from the electrical storm.


  • It was previously possible to enter a Jellyfish with the ship. As of Patch 1.0.2 the ship can no longer enter Jellyfish.