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Gravity Cannon
Type Nomai structure
Gravity Depends on location
Inhabitants None
Location Brittle Hollow, Ember Twin

Gravity Cannons shoot Nomai shuttles using gravity and recall them using a white hole warp core.


The Cannons only have two controls, located on a platform outside and under the firing platform. Triggering the right control will send a signal to the cannon's paired Shuttle to activate its Warp Core, which will recall the Shuttle to the gravity cannon. Triggering the left control will activate the gravity cannon, firing out the Shuttle if it is currently in the cannon. When activated, the cannon can launch other objects as well, such as the Protagonist's ship.


The Gravity Cannons can be found on planets that the Nomai initially crash-landed on, Brittle Hollow and Ember Twin. It can be surmised that those early settlers might have built them as an early form of interplanetary travel before warp technology was reinvented to travel to new celestial bodies.

The structural design and method of launch performed by the Orbital Probe Cannon appears to be similar to that of the gravity cannons, which shows that they could have served as an early precursor to that technology.

Brittle Hollow[]

The Gravity Cannon on Brittle Hollow's equator aims directly upwards. It can be accessed from the planet's surface or from the Crossroads. The Cannon is linked to Solanum's Shuttle, which Solanum used to land on the Quantum Moon. It can be recalled from the Quantum Moon to read a recording she made. Near the end of the loop, the Gravity Cannon usually falls into Brittle Hollow's Black Hole.

Ember Twin[]

The Gravity Cannon on Ember Twin is located near Ember Twin's equator and fires at an angle. The Cannon can be accessed from the surface or from the Sunless City's Eye Shrine District. The shuttle on the Interloper is linked to the Cannon and can be recalled. It contains Clary's corpse and a recording that she made, describing how her sister Poke along with Pye went below the surface of the comet, after which Clary lost contact with them.


The shuttles that the cannons recall correspond to Nomai travelers who met with ill fates, and both shuttles lack any means of propulsion and therefore required the gravity cannons to launch. Shuttles can be recalled from their resting places using the probe cannon ground controls. Once landed, the log devices inside the shuttle are easily accessed. The shuttle on the Interloper returns to Ember Twin, and the shuttle on the Quantum Moon returns to Brittle Hollow. Once a shuttle has been recalled, the player can fire the shuttles from inside (using the left path on the panel) and recall it (using the center path). The shuttle is very hard to aim and can only receive thrust once, from the Gravity Cannon. It can also be stopped (using the right path on the panel).

Texts and recordings[]