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Brittle Hollow

This Page contains Spoilers

Filix was a high-ranking member of the Nomai who originally came to the Solar System, formerly lieutenant to her clan's chief, Escall, and bridge officer of their great Vessel. Filix might have been the very first to witness the signal detected from Eye of the Universe, alerting the leadership to the amazing discovery. After Escall ordered Annona to immediately warp the Vessel to the Eye's location, Filix suggested a delay so they could message the other wandering Nomai tribes of their find and where they were going, but was overruled out of fear they might loose the signal if they delayed even for a moment.

Shortly after the catastrophic events of their arrival, Filix attempted to broadcast a distress call before fleeing the bridge and boarding Escape Pod 1 during the chaotic evacuation. She rose to become a leader of those survivors who landed on Brittle Hollow, overseeing the building of their permanent habitation, The Hanging City, and the continuation of their clan's search for the Eye of the Universe. As the years passed, Filix became an honored elder, and while she never gave up the mission of finding the Eye, she also focused her energies on passing on the Nomai's culture and knowledge to the new generations born in exile, inspiring them to look up to the stars: to continue the hunt for the Eye and to perhaps one day reconnect with the greater whole of their race. And while this strange land was the only home these descendants ever knew, thanks to Filix and others, they were keenly aware of their great legacy and that they were not alone in the Universe.