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The Eye of the Universe is a planetary object older than the universe itself which is in a distant orbit around the Sun. Learning about the Eye of the Universe and discovering the information and equipment necessary to reach it represents the intended goal of the game.


The Eye of the Universe is a highly quantum object, being made of the same unknown quantum material that the various Quantum Shards are made of.[1] Visually, the Eye looks like a dark planet with a purple storm surrounding it. Occasional lightning strikes can be observed as well. Strange branches fan out from the planet into the storm. These branches are exactly the same as the ones on the symbol for the Eye as seen by the Nomai.

The Eye is indirectly the source of all quantum shards within the solar system. It features an incredibly powerful quantum storm funneling quantum energy into a quantum maelstrom at the south pole. This storm is capable of severing the connection to the Protagonist's scout probe and preventing it from being recalled permanently. The Eye also features a large crater at the south pole.

The Eye of the Universe has one moon, the Quantum Moon. Solanum explains that the Quantum Moon is the Eye's moon and that its proximity to the Eye likely made it quantum.[1]


The Stranger's inhabitants[]

The Stranger's inhabitants witnessing the effects of the Eye of the Universe

Sometime in the past, the Eye of the Universe started sending its signal. The inhabitants of the Stranger received the signal while on their home moon. Shocked by its discovery, they stripped their world bare of all its resources to build the Stranger, a giant artificial ring world. They left their home moon on the Stranger and arrived at the location of the Eye of the Universe.

The Eye's signal being blocked

After analyzing the Eye of the Universe, they found out what would happen if they interacted with the Eye. They learned that it would reduce planets to dust and kill all of the Stranger's inhabitants. This terrified them to the extent that they decided to build a spacecraft capable of blocking the Eye's signal.[2] Upon activating this blocker, the Stranger moved to the center of the Solar System where it enabled its cloaking field.

The inhabitants were devastated by how they destroyed their homeworld to build the Stranger to reach the Eye of the Universe. They created a simulated reality that resembled their home moon and went to sleep, their minds forever in the simulation. However, one of the inhabitants woke up and disabled the signal blocker, allowing the signal to once again broadcast throughout the universe. This individual was quickly caught by the others of its kind, who imprisoned them in a vault hidden in a submerged structure. The other inhabitants immediately reactivated the signal blocker and went back to sleep. Nonetheless, for the brief time that the Eye's signal was set free, the Nomai were eventually able to receive it.


The Vessel encountering the Eye's signal

Due to the Eye signal blocker's brief deactivation, the Nomai of Escall's Vessel received the Eye's signal that appeared to be older than the universe itself.[3][4] Their curiosity piqued, they immediately warped to the source of the signal, but instead ended up ensnared within Dark Bramble.[5] With their Vessel damaged beyond repair, the Nomai evacuated the Vessel on three Escape Pods and subsequently settled the Solar System.[6] They named the source of this mysterious signal the Eye of the Universe, as the signal looked like an eye with a circle in the center much like a pupil.[7] The Nomai became determined to find the source of the signal that had led them to the solar system.[8]

The Eye signal received by the Vessel

They continued their search by first building an Eye Signal Locator on the Attlerock, but this device rotated wildly when asked to follow the Eye's signal and was unable to pinpoint its location.[9] Concluding that their locator might not be sophisticated enough, they built the Southern Observatory on Brittle Hollow to house a more advanced locator to find the exact location of the Eye.[10][11] Unfortunately, this more sensitive locator was likewise not able to find the Eye's location.[12]

In the meantime, the Nomai had succeeded with their mission to land on the Quantum Moon and had found out that the Quantum Moon is the Eye of the Universe's moon.[13] Due to this, they knew the Eye of the Universe's physical characteristics and that the Eye was in a distant orbit around the Sun.[14][15] They wanted to send out a probe to find the Eye visually instead, but were worried about the probability of launching a probe in the correct direction.[15][16] The Nomai had also found out that warped objects arrive before they even depart, which effectively meant that objects could be sent back in time when enough energy was added to the warp cores.[17]

The Ash Twin Project

With this knowledge, the Nomai started building the Ash Twin Project, which was powerful enough to send information back in time.[18] To power the Ash Twin Project, they would first use the Sun Station to cause the Sun to go supernova.[19] Using this energy, the Ash Twin Project would send the order for the Orbital Probe Cannon to fire a probe back in time by 22 minutes.[20] 22 minutes after this order was received, the Sun Station would again trigger a supernova so the Ash Twin Project would send the probe's launch data back in time, as well as the order to launch the probe in a new random direction.[21] This meant that the Nomai had infinite attempts to use their one probe to find the Eye of the Universe. However, after completing the Ash Twin Project, it turned out that the Sun Station was ultimately unable to cause the Sun to go supernova, so the Nomai were unable to power the Ash Twin Project.[22] Before the Nomai could find a suitable power source replacement, they were wiped out by the Ghost Matter that flooded the solar system after it erupted from the Interloper.[23]

Over two hundred thousand years later, the Sun reached the end of its natural lifespan and subsequently went supernova.[24] This powered the Ash Twin Project and activated the Nomai's time loop. After more than 9 million loops, the 9,318,054th probe launched from the Orbital Probe Cannon was finally able to discover the location of the Eye of the Universe.[25] The Nomai had set up memory statues which would pair with somebody only after the Eye was found, storing their memories and sending them back at the end of each loop.[26] This would make them aware of the time loop. As there were no surviving Nomai to pair with, the statues paired with the Protagonist and Gabbro once the Eye was found.


The Eye of the Universe is in a distant orbit around the solar system's Sun and is the farthest celestial body, far outside the reach of the supernova. It cannot be found by conventional means and is normally unreachable until the coordinates within the Probe Tracking Module at the core of Giant's Deep are discovered. After this, the Advanced Warp Core powering the Ash Twin Project must be removed and placed in the Vessel on Dark Bramble. The Vessel can then be used to warp to the Eye's coordinates.

The Eye could be found by a probe and has fixed coordinates and a stable orbit. However, the Eye Signal Locator on the Attlerock is unable to find its location, and the Quantum Moon Locator on Ember Twin similarly fails to find the Quantum Moon when it is orbiting the Eye of the Universe. The more advanced Southern Observatory Eye locator shows a constantly shifting orbit for the Eye far outside the solar system. This behavior is caused by the signal blocker built by the Stranger's inhabitants, which prevents the Eye's signal from being broadcast.

Eye signal blocker[]

The signal of the Eye of the Universe is blocked by a spacecraft built by the inhabitants of the Stranger. The blocker is in orbit around the Eye and can be most easily seen by its pale green light. Since the Stranger's inhabitants destroyed the controls for the blocker, the Stranger lost its connection to the spacecraft.[27] This means that the Eye signal blocker can no longer be turned off.

The blocker was responsible for the Nomai being unable to track the Eye's signal and thus find the location of the Eye of the Universe. This eventually led to them constructing the Ash Twin Project to find the Eye visually instead.[15]


The Eye sending its signal

The Eye of the Universe is older than the universe itself and a highly quantum object.[28][29] At some point in time, it starts sending a signal that looks similar to an eye, which can be received by an intelligent species.[7] If any of these species interacts with the Eye, it brings about the end of the universe.

The big bang after observing all possibilities

When the Protagonist reaches the Eye of the Universe, it turns out that a conscious observer can cause endless possibilities for a new universe to appear.[30] By observing them, they can collapse these possibilities into a single reality.[31] This causes a big bang and a new universe to come into existence.


The travelers creating the possibilities for a new universe

The Eye of the Universe plays an integral role in one of the Endings. After learning about the Nomai, the impending death of the Universe, and all the necessary information required to reach the Eye of the Universe, the Protagonist makes the journey to the Eye of the Universe. They take the Advanced Warp Core from the Ash Twin Project and insert it into the Vessel on Dark Bramble, after which they warp to the Eye of the Universe.

On the Eye of the Universe, the Eye creates various quantum objects that the Protagonist finds familiar, including trees, a quantum version of the Observatory, and quantum versions of all the travelers. The travelers gather before assisting in the creation of a new universe beginning with a new big bang. The fate of the Eye of the Universe following this event is unknown, although it is possible that the Eye continues the cycle and will call out to other lifeforms at the next end of the universe.

Texts and recordings[]


The Sun going supernova as seen from the Eye of the Universe

  • If reached near the end of a loop, the Sun can be seen going supernova safely from the surface of the Eye of the Universe.
  • If the player loses their probe while on the Eye, during the post-credit scene it will be seen flying among the planets of the new Universe.
  • The Eye of the Universe is physically impossible to reach by conventional means, as the player is loaded into a different level when they activate the Vessel’s warp.
  • If the player entered the black hole at the Ash Twin Project during the last cycle, then the fabric of space time will eventually be destroyed at the end of this cycle, even if the player is located on the Eye itself. To nullify this, the player must enter the Eye's vortex.


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