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Esker is one of the first Hearthian astronauts, and is located at their outpost on The Attlerock. They used to run the Lunar Outpost back when it was needed for frequent ship repairs, but now they just "keep an eye on things".

Esker ocasionally shoots Little Scouts at the village on Timber Hearth. They quickly become defensive and then sheepish when asked if they use their Little Scout to spy on the village, choosing to refer to it as ‘one-way communication’ instead.

Esker is very lonely on The Attlerock as they no longer get visitors, since the space program grew more successful and less crashes are made. They repeatedly ask the player character to stay with them by the fire. They are also the first spacefaring Hearthian to appear in the epilogue.


Introduction dialog[]

  • “Oh, hey, it’s you! Ground control didn’t tell me you were launching. Long time no see!
    Actually, I guess it’s been a long time since I’ve seen anyone.”

Secondary dialog[]

  • “Hi again. Can’t get enough of the moon? ...I’m kidding.”

Question Menu[]

  • (after one question asked) “Don’t go! Uh, I mean, anything else you wanted to ask?”
    • >Don’t the other travelers come by?
      • “The Lunar Outpost saw more traffic back when our ships were less sophisticated and needed more frequent repairs. Nowadays, it’s mostly used to keep a set of eyes on things.
        Sometimes Chert comes by to say hi, but Gabbro is Gabbro, and you know how Riebeck feels about “unnecessary spaceflight.””
    • >Was that you whistling?
      • “Probably. Or actually, definitely. The other travelers carry instruments, so they don’t bother whistling.
        You can pick up their music with a signalscope, you know. Best spot for that is the north pole. Great reception.
        The north pole is marked in red on your mini map, but the Attlerock is a pretty small moon, really. Just go north. You can’t miss it.”
    • >Seems lonely up here.
      • “A little. I’m in touch with ground control — Hornfels and Gossan, mostly — and they radio up to chat now and then.
        And when ground control forgets I’m up here and they usually do, I launch my Little Scout at the village.”
        • >They forget about you?
          • “I don’t blame them. For one, I don’t check in as often as the other travelers, since I’m always in one place.
            And it’s not so bad up here, really. At least it’s peaceful and quiet. You don’t always get that in our solar system.
            Let alone in our village.
        • >You spy on us?
          • “What? No! It’s not spying,... it’s…
            It’s one-way communication. That none of the villagers know about. Because I’ve never told them.
    • >What is this place?
      • “Ha ha, very funny. ...Oh, stars above, you’re serious, aren’t you? That’s just depressing.
        Sigh… Welcome to the Lunar Outpost, which apparently the space program doesn’t bother to teach anyone anymore.
        When we first started Outer Wilds, travelers used to bring their ships here all the time for repairs. Our spacefaring technology has improved loads since then, but the older ships tended to, uh, fall apart a lot. Like, more than they do now.
        Using the outpost cut down on the number of launches and landings taking place in the village and also the number of fires. Nowadays, though, it’s mostly just me up here raising saplings from Timber Hearth and keeping an eye on things.”
    • > (if read Marl Tree dialog) Marl says hi.
      • “Heh, Marl is probably the only one who remembers I’m up here. I should go see the big lug soon.
        Don’t tell them about this, but sometimes I throw my Little Scout down to make sure Marl isn’t doing anything stupid. I worry that big tree in the village wouldn’t stand a chance otherwise.”
    • >Talk to you later.


  • “Do you hear music?”

(after at least one other traveler has been gathered):

  • “Aren’t you forgetting someone?”

(when all travelers have been gathered):

  • “I can’t wait to play with the whole group again. Can I start?”
    • >Yes.
      • “Ok, I won’t let you down!”
    • >Not yet.
      • “Oh, ok. I’ll— I’ll get to play soon though, right?”

(after Campfire Song)

  • “Wow… how long has it been since I got to make music with everyone around a campfire?
    I’m really happy we’re all here.”


  • Esker's signature is featured on the group photo of the Outer Wilds Ventures founding members in the observatory, even though they are not featured in the photo nor are they mentioned as being a founding member. This could be in reference to them seemingly being forgotten about by all the other Hearthians. It may also indicate that Esker was the one who took the picture of the other four, as they signed it along with them.