Escape Pods

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An Escape Pod Beacon which emits the signal you can find via signalscope.

Escape Pods are ancient Nomai ships that have landed all around the Solar System. They originated from a larger Nomai Vessel lost within Dark Bramble. They share similar designs and interiors, a computer, a rear facing entrance (where the ship was attached), and an emergency hatch in the front. The are also large blue cylinders within the glass walls inside (which may have been safe seating for the Nomai).

Each escape pod broadcasts a distress beacon which can be detected with the signal scope, however at least one escape pod must be found before the frequency can be selected.

Escape Pod 1[edit | edit source]

Escape Pod 1 is on Brittle Hollow. The survivors created the Old Settlement, The Hanging City, Tower of Quantum Knowledge, and the Gravity Cannon

Escape Pod 2[edit | edit source]

Escape Pod 2 is on the Ember Twin. The survivors took shelter within the planet's cave system and created the Sunless City and the Gravity Cannon.

Escape Pod 3[edit | edit source]

Escape Pod 3 can be found within Dark Bramble after it failed to escape the planet. The survivors, confused by the configuration of Dark Bramble and running dangerously low on Oxygen, perished when they attempted to return to The Vessel.

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