Dark Bramble

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Dark Bramble
Dark Bramble.png
Type Planet
Inhabitants Feldspar, Anglerfish
Location 5th planet

'''Dark Bramble''' is a confusing network of foggy vine and teleporting passages. It was once a planet but has long since been infected with huge vines that destroyed the planet from its core.



The very most exterior of Dark Bramble is of a woody vine ball grown and fractured apart a previously frozen planet. The core contains a larger room with more cores, leaving a core by the outside wall brings you out of the configuration and back in space. Angler Fish swim in most cores, most of them in cores that glow red-being where their eggs are laid.



Feldspar and their camp can be found by following the signal from the Bramble Seed on Timber Hearth.


Found by following Feldspar's path, to the blinking light of their ship, into the vine, out of the planet an to the Jellyfish, there is a note inside it as well.

Escape Pod 3

Found by following the distress signal on the Signalscope once entering Dark Bramble.

The Vessel

Located by following the light trail from Escape Pod 3 to the Bramble Seed, shooting a probe through it, and following the probe.


Notes & Trivia