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Dark Bramble is a large, confusing network of twisted vines and teleportation passages, the imploded remnants of a fifth planet that has long since been infected and overrun by space-bending plant growth. It is the only planet to feature hostile wildlife in the form of Anglerfish.


The exterior of Dark Bramble consists of an enormous seed covered with numerous glowing openings, caked in a layer of thick fog. Thick vines branch off from the seed core, connected to imploded fragments of an ice crust - the now-frozen remnants of the unnamed water planet.

The interior can be accessed by entering the openings within the seed at its core, which lead to a corresponding entrance in the Hub Node.

Hidden in a large fragment of crust on Dark Bramble's South Pole, the Frozen Jellyfish found by Feldspar, and the vine used to reach it, can be found, embedded within a crack.


Map from u/EducatedTard on Reddit

The interior of Dark Bramble possesses unique and eerie space-bending properties, containing huge, expansive spaces within its structure far larger than its exterior would indicate.

Dark Bramble has eight such unique interior "nodes", interconnected by a network of seeds that act as "portals" between them. Each node is an enormously vast enclosed zero-gravity space, generally filled with long winding vines and a thick fog that heavily impairs vision.

Seeds in Dark Bramble act as the links between nodes. Seeds generally emit light, which is visible through the fog and act as important guides through the interior space.

Seeds come in two varieties - a larger, fully grown seed with openings large enough for a spaceship to enter, and a much smaller seed, with an opening only wide enough for a Scout to pass through.

When travelling through a seed, one will enter the node within at a reduced speed and fixed direction, regardless of their inbound angle. Should one return through a node's entrance (embedded in the walls of the current node), they will find themselves returned to the exterior of the planet.

Signals from objects in the spaces within seeds can be detected, allowing use of the Signalscope and Scout to pinpoint the correct seeds to enter. Duplicate signals may result due to multiple seeds and openings leading to the same node.

Dark Bramble is inhabited by a collection of hostile Anglerfish - a colossal race of predatory fish capable of consuming entire spaceships, that use light lures identical to the light of a Dark Bramble Seed. One must be wary as to whether a light in the distance is that of a Seed or a waiting Anglerfish.

Anglerfish are blind, relying on sound to hunt their prey. Within nodes, Anglerfish are generally inactive and still, remaining where they are until awakened by passing sound. Using thrusters of any kind or launching probes too close to an Anglerfish will draw their ire, and further aggravation will enrage them, charging faster than a spaceship can accelerate to consume the noise source.

Hub Node[]

The Hub Node is the first chamber of Dark Bramble and the most connected node. It contains a single Anglerfish waiting near the center of the chamber, and four seeds leading to the Nest, the Escape Pod Node, the Dead End Node, and Feldspar's Maze.

Dead End Node[]

The Dead End Node is a chamber that contains no seeds and a single Anglerfish. The only method of exit is the opening used as the entrance to the node.

Escape Pod Node[]

The Escape Pod Node is the location of the lost Nomai Escape Pod 3, with the seed leading to this node emitting the Distress Signal. This node contains two Anglerfish and a seed leading to the Nest, as well as fragments of broken ice crust. Escape Pod 3 is embedded in a thicket of vines not visible through the fog.

A trail of Nomai lights beginning at the Escape Pod leads to the Nomai Grave - a hidden small seed, emitting no light, leading to the Vessel Node, surrounded by the suffocated corpses of the inhabitants of Escape Pod 3 and their final messages. The seed is only large enough for a Scout to enter.

Feldspar's Maze Node[]

Feldspar's Maze Node is a node with nine distinct seeds and no Anglerfish, that emits Feldspar's harmonica music. Six seeds lead to the Recursion Node, with only three leading to Feldspar's camp and emitting their music. However, only two of the three seeds is large enough to admit a ship, with the third being a small seed only able to admit a Scout.

Recursion Node[]

The Recursion Node is similar to the Dead End Node, containing a single Anglerfish, except it has a single seed that connects to itself - with flying into the seed only producing an infinite loop. It can only be exited by leaving through the entrance.

Feldspar's Camp Node[]

Feldspar's Camp Node is a node with no Anglerfish, where Feldspar has set up camp. Seeds leading here, including the Dark Bramble Seed on Timber Hearth, emit Feldspar's harmonica music on the Outer Wilds Ventures frequency. Feldspar's camp is found in an Anglerfish skeleton, its light lure still functioning. The skeleton itself contains a small Dark Bramble Seed (the Anglerfish having swallowed it and dying after the seed grew too large) that leads to itself, acting as a showcase of Dark Bramble's signal duplication properties.

At Feldspar's direction, their damaged ship can be found (emitting a dim light) near a hollow vine behind the skeleton. The hollow vine leads to the exterior of Dark Bramble, in the hidden section of crust where the Frozen Jellyfish can be found.

Nest Node[]

The Nest is the largest and most dangerous node. The seeds leading into The Nest glow a bright red, due to the red glow from the Anglerfish eggs found at the center of the chamber. The node is guarded by five anglerfish, three of which are always waiting at the entrance of the node.

The room contains four seeds, with three leading into the Recursion Node and one leading to the Vessel Node. However, the Vessel node is hidden among the vines and does not emit light.

Vessel Node[]

The Vessel Node features the final resting place of the Nomai's spaceship that brought them to the Solar System, containing no anglerfish. The Vessel resides in the center of the node, entangled in a thicket of vines. Seeds leading to this node emit no light, requiring other methods of discovering their locations, and Dark Bramble's signal duplication phenomenon.

The seed leading to its location can be reliably found by following Escape Pod 3's trail to the Nomai Grave, and firing a Scout into the small seed. The duplicate Scout signal reveals its seed's location within the Nest.

Points of Interest[]


Feldspar, the lost member of Outer Wilds Ventures, is located deep within Dark Bramble and can be found by either following their harmonica with the signalscope or launching a probe into the seed on Timber Hearth and following the scout's location.


Located slightly further than Feldspar is a hollow vine leading to a hidden crack in Dark Bramble's exterior crust fragments. Asking Feldspar how to reach the core of Giant's Deep will direct the player to a Frozen Jellyfish, embedded in the ice. The Frozen Jellyfish, and Feldspar's notes regarding it, hints at how to access the core of Giant's Deep.

Escape Pod 3[]

While Escape Pods 1 and 2 successfully fled Dark Bramble, Escape Pod 3 was not as lucky and never managed to escape. Escape Pod 3 is found deep within Dark Bramble by using the Signalscope.

The Vessel[]

Located very deep within Dark Bramble is the origin point for the Nomai in the Solar System; their Vessel. The Vessel is an ancient Nomai spaceship that was damaged and evacuted shortly after the Nomai's arrival in the Solar System. It can be located by following the light trail from Escape Pod 3 to the Bramble Seed, shooting a probe through it, and following the probe's location.

Texts and recordings[]