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If we fail (and the probability of this is not insignificant), we will without question destroy ourselves, all life here, and the rest of this star system. I wish to protect these species.
~ Coleus

Coleus was a Nomai geologist originally from the Vessel. He was still young when he arrived on Ember Twin with Escape Pod 2 after the Vessel crashed on Dark Bramble.[2][3] Coleus worked on providing the ore for the Ash Twin Project's supernova-resistant shell. His mentor was Melorae and his apprentice was Cycad.[1][4]

Life on Ember Twin[]

Along with his mentor Melorae, Coleus was instrumental in guiding the Nomai from Escape Pod 2 through a cave system to what became the site of the Sunless City.[3] He left directions to the shelter site for other Nomai to follow.[3] In the Sunless City, Coleus and Melorae studied the Anglerfish fossil. They discovered that it died from starvation and that it was blind.[1][5] Coleus was delighted when he saw that the Nomai children who played in the fossil made a rule in their game based on their research.[6]

Coleus and Melorae also discovered a wandering rock fragment in the caves of Ember Twin.[7] However, Coleus vanished without a trace after Melorae's lantern went out while he was standing on the wandering rock.[8] Melorae organized a search and Nomai from the Sunless City went looking for him.[9] It turned out that the rock had transported Coleus to a room with no entrance and exit.[10] He freed himself when he realized that he had become entangled with the quantum object when it was no longer being observed.[11] Melorae credited him with discovering a new quantum rule, but made him promise not to disappear again.[12]

Eye Signal Locator[]

When the Nomai from Ember Twin and Brittle Hollow were reunited, Coleus tested the Eye Signal Locator on the Attlerock.[13] He noticed that when he asked the locator to follow the signal of the Eye of the Universe, the device's indicator rotated widely.[14] When the Nomai concluded that they needed a more sophisticated Eye signal locator, Coleus recommended against building it on Ember Twin, as the heat from the sun already made it difficult to construct their Quantum Moon Locator.[15]

The Ash Twin Project[]

Later in life, Coleus became the mentor of Cycad and participated in several discussions surrounding the Ash Twin Project. During a discussion on whether the Nomai should build the Sun Station to trigger a supernova that would power the Ash Twin Project, Coleus thought that the chance of them failing was significant. They could destroy themselves and all life in the star system, whose species he wanted to protect.[16] Idaea agreed with him that the cost was too severe, but Poke believed that fear of failure was a bad reason not to try it.[17] The Nomai had another discussion on whether they should retrieve the Advanced Warp Core from the Vessel.[18] Cycad pointed out that Coleus and Melorae found out that Anglerfish are blind, which could help them evade the Anglerfish on Dark Bramble.[19] Coleus was apprehensive as they had never tested their hypothesis on a living Anglerfish.[20]

After the start of the Ash Twin Project, Coleus helped Yarrow and Ramie excavate Ash Twin.[21] He made sure to relocate all subterranean plants they discovered while they were digging.[21] Following this, Coleus moved with Cycad and Oeno to Timber Hearth, where they identified several mining sites to mine ore for the Ash Twin Project's shell.[22] He found out that mining site 2a was not suitable since it would not be safe for the native life, the ancestors of the Hearthians, living in the cave's pools.[23] They moved to mining site 2b where they would continue to monitor their activity and its effect on life.[24] Coleus was excited about finding the native life and believed they would thrive in the long run.[25] He was also confident that they had not destroyed the Hearthians' future metallurgy ability.[22]

Coleus passed away after the Ghost Matter from the Interloper flooded the solar system, which instantly killed all Nomai.[26]


  • The genus coleus is comprised of perennial shrubs and herbs native to tropical and sub-tropical climates. Their usage is mostly ornamental.


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