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Clary Corpse.png
The Interloper

Clary was a Nomai who worked with Poke and Root in the Black Hole Forge on Brittle Hollow. She was the sister of Poke and the romantic partner of Yarrow.[1][2]

She recreated warp travel together with Poke and Root after successfully building a warp platform on White Hole Station.[3] When Poke discovered that Nomai were arriving on Brittle Hollow before they even departed from White Hole Station, she and Clary tested their equipment but got the same result every time.[4] This negative time interval eventually became the basis for the Ash Twin Project, where probe data would be sent back in time continuously to find the location of the Eye of the Universe.[5]

Since an advanced warp core was needed for the Ash Twin Project, Clary posited that Poke would be able to recreate Annona's core as she was his apprentice.[6] Poke agreed and started working on the advanced warp core with Clary and Root.[7] They also started crafting the warp cores for the warp towers on Ash Twin.[8] After crafting the first of these warp cores, Yarrow asked to meet Clary on White Hole Station. This ended up being the start of their romantic relationship.[9]

Clary frequently communicated with other members of the Ash Twin Project. She explained to Root that the black hole cores should go to the warp towers, and told Yarrow how the warp tower alignment points work for the Hourglass Twins.[10][11] She wondered about the precision of the warp tower alignment angle, but Poke assured her it did not have to be exact.[12][13] Clary often had to be a mediator between Poke and Cassava, who had numerous arguments.[14] After the advanced warp core was finished, Clary told Yarrow that it was ready to be installed, but Poke insisted that improvements could still be made.[15] Clary told Yarrow to ignore her because she was familiar with Poke's perfectionism.[16]

When the Ash Twin Project was put on indefinite hold due to the Sun Station being unable to trigger a supernova, Clary went to investigate the Interloper with Poke and Pye. Clary stayed behind in their shuttle to keep it warm and prevent it from freezing.[17] Poke and Pye went inside a fissure in the ice of the comet to investigate the source of strange readings coming from within the comet.[18] Poke and Pye stopped contacting Clary after descending below the surface.[19] Clary wondered whether she should leave the shuttle to look for them as she worried for their safety.[20]

However, Clary and the other Nomai got instantly killed when the stone encasing inside the Interloper ruptured, spreading Ghost Matter across the solar system. Clary's remains can still be found inside the shuttle.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Clary sage is a type of short-lived perennial native to the Mediterranean basin. it is sometimes used in perfumes and aromatherapy

References[edit | edit source]

  1. CASSAVA: I imagine I’ve been hard on Poke, again. This in turn means I’ve made things difficult for her sister (Clary).
  2. CLARY: I have good news, Yarrow! The advanced warp core is ready to be installed in the central chamber of Ash Twin. YARROW: I’m intrigued, love! Everyone here working on the Ash Twin Project is excited to see it (Pye is beside herself with joy!).
  3. CLARY: To our friends on Brittle Hollow: I just warped here from the White Hole Station (on the other side of Brittle Hollow’s black hole)! Our design worked; we’ve successfully recreated warp travel!
  4. POKE: I understand it’s exceedingly odd, but Clary and I have tested and retested the equipment, and the result is the same every time someone warps.
  5. YARROW: Using the energy from the resulting supernova, the Ash Twin Project will send the order for the Orbital Probe Cannon to fire back in time by 22 minutes. YARROW: Exactly 22 minutes after these orders are received, the Sun Station will again trigger the supernova to send the probe data from this cannon launch back in time. YARROW: In total, each cycle created by the Ash Twin Project will last precisely 22 minutes. We can end this cycle at will.
  6. CLARY: No, but Poke was apprenticed to Annona, who created the original design, and our Black Hole Forge is adept at crafting simpler cores.
  7. POKE: I would very much like to craft such a powerful core! More relevantly, I believe the Black Hole Forge crew and I could recreate the basic design.
  8. ROOT: What if we used warp towers (like the one we have on the White Hole Station) to connect Ash Twin directly to each critical location? CLARY: Poke, Root, and I can begin work on this immediately in the Black Hole Forge (this will keep us busy!).
  9. CLARY: I recommend you do! The White Hole Station is the model for the towers being built for the Ash Twin Project, so a visit to the station would be doubly useful. YARROW: I suppose, more precisely, I would like to visit the White Hole Station with you, Clary. CLARY: I’d be happy to explain our findings! POKE: Yarrow, stop using this scroll wall to flirt with my sister (in romantic matters, her density rivals a neutron star’s) and go meet her on the White Hole Station.
  10. CLARY: All of the warp towers are being constructed on Ash Twin, so the black hole cores will go there.
  11. CLARY: No, Yarrow understands the distinction. He likely doesn’t realize the Hourglass Twins are so close together they function as a single astral body, with a shared alignment point in between them.
  12. CLARY: Regarding the warp towers on Ash Twin: Does each tower have to be perfectly aligned with the center of the astral body to which it’s tuned? CLARY: I enjoy precision as much as the next Nomai, but if, for example, a tower’s base were to shift even slightly, that tower might no longer align with its astral body.
  13. POKE: We don’t need the alignment angle to be exact; it only needs to be within five degrees of the astral body’s center.
  14. CASSAVA: If Poke and I are oil and water, Clary is our emulsifier. She certainly makes us a better team than would mixing through shaking (although sometimes I would like to shake Poke!).
  15. CLARY: I have good news, Yarrow! The advanced warp core is ready to be installed in the central chamber of Ash Twin. YARROW: I’m intrigued, love! Everyone here working on the Ash Twin Project is excited to see it (Pye is beside herself with joy!). POKE: No, it isn’t! YARROW: Is everything well at the forge? CLARY: Don’t worry, love; Poke is only nervous. The core is extraordinary, and her design work is beautifully clever. POKE: The core’s durability could still be improved! I need more time!
  16. CLARY: More accurately, I enjoy precision as much as the next Nomai, provided the next Nomai is not Poke.
  17. CLARY: This is troublesome: It seems the comet wishes to submerge our shuttle in ice. If we stay on the surface too long, the shuttle may freeze entirely. CLARY: Suppose one of us remained in the shuttle to keep it warm and continue monitoring the surface. PYE: This would be wise, I think, Clary. If you don’t mind waiting here with it, Poke and I can continue to investigate the surface.
  18. CLARY: Pye, Poke, and I landed here on this comet not long after its arrival in this star system. Our shuttle’s equipment heard strange energy readings coming from somewhere beneath the surface. CLARY: Pye and Poke were able to locate a fissure in the ice on the comet’s sunward side, and they descended inside to investigate the source of the readings.
  19. CLARY: But... Pye and my sister have been gone for a long time now. They haven’t contacted me since descending below the surface, either.
  20. CLARY: Should I leave the shuttle to look for them? I want to follow protocol, but I don’t know what I’ll do if they aren’t well… CLARY: Poke... Pye... Come back to me safely, my friends.