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Cassava was a Nomai from Brittle Hollow who worked at the Construction Yard as part of the Ash Twin Project.[1][2] Daz was his husband, and Avens was his brother-in-law.[3][4][5]

Cassava grew up hearing the Nomai's story of their search for the Eye of the Universe.[1] He and Filix built the Eye signal locator on the Attlerock.[6] After repeated failed attempts at finding the Eye with this locator, he reached the conclusion that they needed a more sophisticated device to find the exact location.[7] This device was built in the Southern Observatory, but was likewise unable to detect any trace of the Eye of the Universe's signal.[8]

When the Nomai were discussing what they learned so far in their search and how their methods should change, Cassava responded pessimistically, supposing that perhaps the Eye does not want to be found.[9] However, he did believe that Mallow's idea to use a probe was clever, but pointed out that the chance of launching a probe in the correct direction was virtually zero.[10] Conoy told him to speak to Ramie and Pye about the negative time interval technology they were developing, which would solve that problem and become the basis for the Ash Twin Project.[11] As a result, Cassava proposed building the Orbital Probe Cannon around Giant's Deep, which was furthest from the sun and moonless.[12] He started working on the Cannon at the Construction Yard on Giant's Deep together with Avens.[13]

To power the Ash Twin Project, an Advanced Warp Core was necessary.[14] Cassava initially agreed with the solution to retrieve the warp core from the Vessel.[15] However, since he believed that the Eye of the Universe might be impossible to find, he ended up agreeing with Idaea that crafting a new Advanced Warp Core was the safest option.[16]

Cassava had many arguments with Poke, who was responsible for recreating warp travel and who worked on the Advanced Warp Core in the Black Hole Forge.[17][18][19][20] This was due to Cassava's fear of never finding the Eye of the Universe.[21] It even led to Cassava accusing Poke of purposefully forging the core of the warp tower between Ash Twin and Giant's Deep as the last core, which Poke denied.[22] Due to their frequent arguments, Clary and Yarrow regularly had to act as mediators between them.[23][22]

When the Orbital Probe Cannon was finished, Cassava was overjoyed and grateful to everyone who worked on it, since he had given up hope of ever finding the Eye of the Universe. He truly believed that the Cannon would actually succeed in their search.[24] He lifted the components of the Cannon into orbit for assembly together with Daz and Conoy.[25] While using the cyclones on Giant's Deep to lift the components, one component sank down beneath the current.[26] Cassava went to the Southern Observatory where Conoy and Spire explained to him that there is a secondary type of cyclone with an opposite rotation.[27][28]

On Daz's recommendation, Cassava gave Avens and Mallow, who were responsible for the Orbital Probe Cannon's launch settings, a power setting for the Cannon that they were not allowed to go above.[29][30] He also got into a discussion with Daz and Phlox about the memory statues. Cassava thought that sending memories back in time is the same thing as sending a being back in time, since the end result is identical.[31]

When the Ash Twin Project was put on indefinite hold since the Sun Station could not trigger a Supernova, Cassava and Daz decided to remain at the Construction Yard.[32] Avens and Mallow later joined them here.[33] Cassava's and the others' corpses can be found here, where they died after the Ghost Matter from the Interloper spread throughout the solar system.


  • Cassava is a type of woody shrub, from which tapioca is extracted.


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  29. DAZ: I propose we give Avens and Mallow a slightly lower maximum power setting than the absolute maximum possible to create room for their enthusiasm.
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