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Burning a marshmallow on Ember Twin's campfire

Campfires are an essential yet practically unimportant aspect of Outer Wilds.

Campfires list[]


It's possible to cook and eat marshmallows on a campfire. While this functionality appears to have no usefulness, it helps to remind the player to relax and enjoy the game's ambiance.
In truth, campfires also have a purely gameplay purpose as eating cooked marshmallows restores HP depending on how well cooked they are, which is determined by a complex formula based on time and on how hot the marshmallow was. A burnt marshmallow does not restore any health. It is also possible to roast a marshmallow by waiting on the supernova. One Achievement requires to eat ten burnt marshmallows.
Eating marshmallows appears to be a central element of Hearthian culture and they go nowhere without a seemingly unlimited supply of marshmallows.


While at a campfire, the player may choose to doze off. This passes time at around 10 times the normal rate, allowing the player to accelerate to a time later in the loop. A timer appears on screen to show how long the player has been sleeping, and the player can choose to wake up at any time. This is useful for time sensitive events, such as the draining sand on Ash Twin.