Black Hole Forge

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Black Hole Forge[edit | edit source]

The Black Hole Forge is the source of all the Nomai warp cores found around the solar system, and is found suspended below the Hanging City on Brittle Hollow, just above the black hole at the planet's center. The forge itself can be raised and lowered from the control room on the first level of the Hanging City, and accessed via the uppermost level, which itself can only be accessed via the warp portal on Ash Twin. The Black Hole Forge was used by Clary, Poke, and Root to craft the Advanced Warp Core, which powers the Ash Twin Project.

Whilst the Black Hole Forge can be accessed from the uppermost level, the pathway is actually broken and you will find yourself unable to get to it. You must first raise the Black Hole Forge, then fly to the Ash Twin and use the corresponding Ash Twin Tower to warp to the Black Hole Forge. But if you're up for a challenge, you can try to land your ship upside-down using the Nomai Walkways. The Forge can also be reached by immediately jumping off the roof of the control room after activating the controls to lift it from the black hole, though this method will result in a trip to White Hole Station if the player does not land in a part of the Forge that will support a player.