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Timber Hearth
Ghost Matter Fence

Arkose is a Hearthian found by the fence that surrounds ghost matter in the village outside of the entrance to the zero-g cave. They are throwing rocks over the fence and into the invisible ghost matter.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Initial Conversation[edit | edit source]

  • Hi, astronaut!
    You know the patch of ghost matter inside this fence? Gossan said it used to be bigger when they were a hatchling. 'Cause ghost matter evaporates.
    It just takes a su-u-u-per long time to go away.
    I hope there's still ghost matter in the village when I'm a grown-up. Ghost matter is awesome!
    • >Ghost matter is super cool. It'll burn the heck out of you!
      (Locks out other choices.)
      • Yeah! I heard touching it hurts so bad it feels like your whole hand's on fire!
        Try not to walk into any in space, okay? That sounds bad and painful.
    • >You shouldn't be throwing rocks in there - ghost matter is dangerous.
      (Locks out other choices.)
      • Uhhh, obviously? That's what makes it so awesome? Geez, I'm not dumb enough to touch it.
        Ugh, you're such a grown-up.
    • >You know ghost matter is how Tektite lost their foot, right?
      (Locks out other choices.)
      • Whoa, really?! ...That is so cool!

Followup Conversation[edit | edit source]

  • It's cool that Little Scouts can detect ghost matter and all, but what would be really cool is if the Little Scout could, like, shoot ghost matter at stuff. All pew pew pew!