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The Vessel’s warp core was created before my time, but Annona explained many of his designs to me.
~ Poke

Annona was a Nomai who was responsible for creating the Warp Core technology.[2][3] He was a bridge officer together with Filix on Escall's Vessel. His warp core designs were shared with the other Nomai clans at their festivals so that everyone could warp long distances and explore more.[4]

The Vessel[]

The Vessel's original warp core that was created by Annona

When the Vessel received the signal from the Eye of the Universe, Annona told Escall that the Vessel's warp core will need time to recharge after warping due to the jump being significant.[5] Before warping, Annona and Filix checked the warp core and navigation systems to make sure they functioned properly.[6]

Life on Ember Twin[]

After the Vessel crashed on Dark Bramble, Annona landed on Ember Twin with Escape Pod 2.[7] He agreed with Melorae that the survivors should build a long-term shelter in the cave system of Ember Twin.[8] Melorae ended up finding a cavern which Annona believed was a wise choice to build the Sunless City.[9] While on Ember Twin, Annona helped build the Quantum Moon locator and observed the moon's quantum properties.[10] Annona also participated in the search for Coleus after he got lost in a cave on Ember's Twin north pole.[11]

He eventually took up Poke as his apprentice, a Nomai who was born in the solar system.[3][12] Annona explained many of his designs to her, which allowed Poke to recreate his warp technology even after Annona's death.[1]


  • The annona genus belongs the Annonacae flowering plant family, commonly known as the custard apple family. The genus is mostly neo- and afrotropical, while the family is largely comprised of both of those groups plus indomalayan species.


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