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Spoiler Warning! This wiki contains spoilers for the game! The Outer Wilds is a game about exploration and we strongly encourage you to explore on your own first.


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One of the forms the statue takes. Lips and an eye are easily visible.

The Ancient Statue, Quantum Statue, or Nomai Statue[1] is a statue that was originally created by the Nomai. It is located in the Observatory. Originally, the statue changed every time you observed it, however this was changed in the Fig Update.

Soon before the game takes place, the statue is installed in the Observatory. Various Hearthians ask questions about the statue, particularly the one standing next to it. At first, no-one knows its meaning, however when the player begins to exit the museum, the statue turns to the player and begins to show a form of energy transfer from the statue to the player. This is implied and later proven to be linked to the time loop the player finds itself in.

The head has three eyes, which matches the other skull in the Observatory. The head also appears to be wearing a beaded cloth-like form of headgear.


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