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NOTE: Currently achievements are only available in the Xbox, PS4 and Steam versions of the game.

List of Achievements[edit | edit source]

There are 17 Outer Wilds achievements.

Hidden Achievement
Complete the ship log.
Beginner's Luck
Hidden Achievement (Secret)
Reach the Eye of the universe in one loop.

NOTE: If you die at any point, you need to quit and start a new expedition again, this needs to be done in a single loop.

  1. Acquire your launch codes from Hornfels in the Observatory
  2. Launch your ship and head to Ember Twin orbiting near the Sun
  3. Land near the Distress Beacon (bright blue light being projected into the air) and acquire that Signal by scanning it with your Signal Scope
  4. <The trip to Giant’s Deep isn’t necessary if you can remember the shape of the password> Go to Giant's Deep and take the tornado spinning counter-clockwise down to the Outer Core.
  5. Use a jellyfish to pass the electric barrier and enter the Inner Core.
  6. Navigate to the probe tracking module and get the coordinates.<End of area to be cut>
  7. Hop back in your ship and fly to the Ash Twin
  8. Land offset of the equator so your ship doesn't get sucked up in the sand and wait for the tower to be uncovered.
  9. The tower we need to use is the broken roofed one of the twin towers found by following the bridge from the Sun Shaped tower.
  10. Stand against the wall and look up, making sure you're underneath a piece of the remaining roof so as to not get sucked up into the sand.
  11. Once the black hole teleporter (the purple square on the floor) is exposed, you are ready to teleport.
  12. To teleport, wait until the sand has come around and is going directly overhead. As it passes over, step into the middle of the room and you will be warped to the core of the Ash Twin.
  13. Once you've entered the core, run around the loop until you reach the orb switches, deactivate the shielding around the warp core and turn off the artificial gravity to grab the newly exposed core.
  14. Maneuver your way back to the White Hole warp pad, leave the core and return to your ship.
  15. Fly to Dark Bramble and enter it while searching for the Distress Signal; following the signal through the seed until you arrive at the source.
  16. Turn around and follow the little light blocks until you reach a seed with a bunch of dead Nomai around it.
  17. Shoot your Scout through the seed; it will land on the Vessel. Then fly to the red light.
  18. Stop just outside the red light seed and get out of your ship, making sure your air and fuel are full.
  19. Line up so you're not looking directly at any of the white lights and enter the seed.
  20. You need to propel yourself very gently past the Anglerfish and towards your Scout (1 arrow of thrust should be quiet enough).
  21. Once you reach the seed, you can fly fast into it and head straight for the Vessel on the otherside.
  22. Enter the Vessel and head to the left in the hallway. Enter the bridge on the left to find where you need to place the warp core.
  23. Place the warp core, move the orb switch to the code input device (towards the front of the Vessel) and then enter the code.
  24. Once the code is entered and the code entry machine descends downward, grab the orb switch and pull it upwards and enjoy your achievement![1]
Cutting it Close
Hidden Achievement
Use your suit's oxygen in an ill-advised manner.
Deep Impact
Hidden Achievement (Secret)
Enter Giant's Deep ocean fast enough to break through the current.
Die Hard
Hidden Achievement
End a time loop (Alive) after having taken (and healed) over 1000 damage.
From the Hearth to the Moon
Hidden Achievement
Land the model rocket on the Attlerock.
Gone In 60 Seconds
Hidden Achievement
Die within 60 seconds of waking up.
Harmonic Convergence
Hidden Achievement
Pick up all traveler instruments simultaneously with your signalscope.
Hey, what's this button do?
Hidden Achievement (Secret)
Press the ejection button in the ship.
Hidden Achievement (Secret)
Manually fly to the Sun Station.
It belongs in a museum!
Hidden Achievement (Secret)
Bring an artifact back to the museum.

Bring a warp core back to the museum on Timber Hearth. These can be found in the High Energy Lab, the Ash Twin Project, or the Vessel. (Projection plates and scrolls don't count towards this achievement)

It was worth a shot.
Hidden Achievement (Secret)
You tried to escape the solar system.

Specifically, be outside the solar system when the time loop resets (distance is irrelevant).

Mica's Wrath
Hidden Achievement (Secret)
Destroy the Model Rocket by flying into the Sun or Hollow's Lantern.
Mmmm, Carcinogens
Hidden Achievement (Secret)
Eat ten burnt marshmallows.
Hidden Achievement
Fire your ship out of a gravity cannon.
Hidden Achievement (Secret)
De-orbit the Hearthian satellite.
You've met a terrible fate.
Hidden Achievement (Secret)
No going back.

You need to create a temporal paradox and destroy spacetime. You can do this by either:

  • Preventing your scout probe from entering the black hole after it has already exited the white hole in the high energy lab.
  • Meeting yourself inside the Ash Twin Project by jumping into the temporal wormhole and then finding out what happens.

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